Open Visibility

Of All Your Enterprise Devices

Ziften’s groundbreaking software comprehensively understands machine behavior and abnormalities, allowing analysts to hone in on advanced threats faster to minimize dwell time. By continuously monitoring endpoint activity, IP connections, user interactions, resource consumption etc., Ziften can allow organizations to more quickly determine the root cause of a breach and take necessary corrective action.

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Part 3: Uncovering Anunak/Carbanak APT Indicators of Compromise (IoCs)with Continuous Endpoint Monitoring

After a great Splunk .conf2014 show which we were a sponsor at in Las Vegas, we came back energized and chomping at the bit to move even further forward with our offering here at Ziften. One particular talk that was very interesting was by Jose Hernandez, a Security Solutions Architect for Splunk ... Read More »


Part 2: Continuous Endpoint Monitoring for Indicators of Compromise— Carbanak APT Case Study

1. SOC Readiness Your enterprise Security Operations Center is appropriately staffed for round-the-clock coverage, either in-house or by an MSSP or some mix. There are no coverage gaps that invite unnoticed intrusions. ... Read More »


Continuous Endpoint Monitoring for Indicators of Compromise— Carbanak APT Case Study

Now is the time when many people begin to think about their New Year's resolutions.... Read More »


Be On High Alert This Tax Season

with tax season in full swing, business leaders should be wary of any vulnerabilities that could expose their sensitive information.... Read More »