Continuous Visibility & Intelligence

Continuous Monitoring

Ziften delivers Continuous Monitoring of the endpoint, which promotes security incident Prevention, and enables real-time Detection and Response


Raise the bar for attackers by proactively alerting when security policies are violated, and reporting on attack surface area metrics


Speed up time to response through real-time visibility of endpoints and historical analysis for post-breach forensics and attack reconstruction


Detect suspicious and malicious endpoint behaviors and proactively monitor endpoints to find Indicators of Compromise and identify elevated risk levels


Multiply the value of your current security solutions by adding endpoint context and attribution

Continuous Visibility & Intelligence

Ziften’s groundbreaking solution provides continuous real-time visibility and intelligence, enabling incident Prevention, Detection, and Response. Ziften continuously assesses user and device behaviors and highlights anomalies in real-time, allowing security analysts to hone in on advanced threats faster and minimize Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR).