Our Experience Makes the Difference

Ziften’s groundbreaking solution provides continuous real-time visibility and intelligence, enabling incident Prevention, Detection, and Response. Ziften continuously assesses user and device behaviors and highlights anomalies in real-time, allowing security analysts to hone in on advanced threats faster and minimize Time To Resolution (TTR). Ziften’s Endpoint Detection and Response solution allows organizations to more rapidly determine the root cause of a breach and decide on the necessary corrective actions. Ziften Open Visibility™ integrates with and extends existing Security, Network, and Management solutions. Ziften delivers continuous visibility and intelligence of any endpoint, enabling you to run your business in a more efficient, intelligent, and secure manner.

Ziften is funded by Fayez Sarofim & Co.

Simple. Elegant. Powerful.

Lightweight Collector

Our solution is lightweight, easy to deploy, manage, and use. Ziften can be deployed across thousands of endpoints in a matter of hours and provide instant value in terms of visibility into risks and threats. Our collector is non-intrusive as it has negligible impact on machine resources and network traffic yet provides powerful real-time continuous monitoring of endpoints across the enterprise.


Our lightweight approach and scalability allows us to be deployed across every device in the enterprise, scaling to 100’s of thousands of devices.


Ziften Endpoint Detection and Response delivers continuous visibility and intelligence of endpoints, enabling end-to-end Prevention, Detection, and Response for today’s advanced threats. By combining endpoint visibility with other solutions in the security ecosystem (such as SIEM, NetFlow, Firewall, etc.), Ziften Open Visibility™ provides security teams with a truly holistic view of their environment to help address and combat advanced threats.