Ziften for ISA

Current asset management tools provide large amounts of data on hardware and software, but they are not enough to make intelligent purchasing decisions that maximize IT productivity and reduce cost. This leads to “best guess” asset management decisions, which include system refreshes based on warranty periods and service agreements, system model and or age, and Read More »

Ziften for Security

Ziften’s software offers significant security benefits for enterprise IT environments requiring an elevated level of security and compliance. It is not just a security tool, but a prerequisite to securing your enterprise environment. Ziften’s software is implemented as a layer across all enterprise clients, requiring limited administration to deploy and manage. Read More »

Ziften Expert Care for Security

IT organizations are constantly under pressure to protect their business against internal and external security threats while maximizing infrastructure performance, availability and uptime – all with a limited budget and personnel. Ziften provides a clear solution to these issues by augmenting existing security tools and endpoint security suites to provide unparalleled visibility into your organization’s security and compliance posture. Through Read More »

Next Generation Enterprise Client Security

Traditional Endpoint Security Suites No Longer Suffice Endpoint security suites have long been the answer to securing enterprise clients. These solutions are increasingly perceived as failures. Independent testing firm, NSS Labs, recently studied the effectiveness of 13 leading Windows endpoint security suites and found large differences in the effectiveness of the suites, with the best Read More »

Forrester Technology Adoption Profile: Endpoint Security Management-A Weak Point For Many Organizations

Current endpoint security management suites are not effective as a standalone security solution. Survey data shows that organizations widely deploy antivirus technologies but still struggle with malware protection and remediation. Organizations need to bulletproof their endpoint security and bridge the gaps presented by their currently installed tools across all endpoint form factors. To do this, Read More »

Why Enterprise Client Security Is Fundamentally a Management Challenge

No enterprise will ever effectively secure its client population by treating it as a security problem – fundamentally it is a management challenge. Traditional endpoint security solutions supposedly provide protection against security breaches, but our research has shown that this isn’t necessarily the case. Many of our proof points demonstrate that there is a lack Read More »

Improving End-User Satisfaction with Ziften

A Fortune 500 Chemicals company desperately needed help alleviating its users’ frustrations with enterprise client performance, which had manifested in an increased IT support burden. Ziften provided a solution that could seamlessly focus valuable system resources back on high business value applications, improve system responsiveness, and decrease support calls. The Problem After an update to Read More »

Automating Management of Enterprise Client Devices with Ziften

A Fortune 500 education company desired to reduce its support burden and decrease user frustration in order to significantly reduce new enterprise client requests and upgrades from their user base. Challenge Managing a disparate fleet of enterprise clients–ranging in ages from new to seven years–had become too unwieldy a task to tackle with traditional systems Read More »

Managing Office Plug-Ins With Ziften

Analogous to Akamai and Riverbed at the network level, Ziften finally brings application acceleration to the desktop. Add-ins are plug-ins developed for Microsoft Office applications that increase the capacity of an application by adding custom commands, specialized features, or expanded functionality. Enterprise users need some of these features, but vendors perpetually implement their add-ins without Read More »

Best Practices for IT Asset Management

Assess the best time to refresh hardware or re-license costly software rather than adhering to a fixed schedule to reduce cost across the enterprise. View Video »

Ziften Overview

Explore how Ziften's Software can bring your organization unprecedented visibility and control of your Enterprise Clients. View Video »

Having a Tattletale Endpoint May Be a Good Idea

Endpoint security products offer little in terms of long-term results if they continue to miss detailed situational awareness from enterprise clients. This webinar addresses how you can equip your organization with the necessary management technology to remediate security threats and incidents, while bringing an elevated level of performance, visibility, and efficiency to enterprise client management. View Video »

First Heartbleed-related attack carried out by University student

Recovery from Heartbleed means better endpoint security and control Read More »

Recent findings on personal data breaches could lead to business mistrust

The news of the Heartbleed bug has only intensified the sense of fear among computing users. Read More »

When looking for protection from malware, don't buy a fraud

A program purporting to be a malware defender was actually a hoax - but it had everyone fooled. Read More »