Recent findings on personal data breaches could lead to business mistrust

The recent revelation that a bug within OpenSSL has left an untold number of businesses scrambling to investigate possible breaches has only intensified the sense of fear among computing users that their information is unsafe. The so-called Heartbleed bug arose as a long-undetected vulnerability in ... Read More »


When looking for protection from malware, don’t buy a fraud

Defending against malware is a very real need. But don't do it by investing in a fake solution. Unfortunately for more than 30,000 customers, it's too late - they were duped by a purported malware defender that was, in fact, a hoax. How a fake antivirus app became the real deal People are always ... Read More »


In healthcare, malware a constant threat

Big businesses are not the only victims of malware. In an age when almost every enterprise conducts most - if not all - of its vital operations in the cybersphere, all organizations are susceptible to attack. Two healthcare providers learned this the hard way when they separately were targeted by ... Read More »


Better endpoint security can prevent spread of cybercrime

Cyber attacks are not disappearing anytime soon. In fact, the exact opposite it true. With the increasing use of BYOD policies in workplaces and a greater sense of operational cohesion within the cybercriminal community, the malicious cyber sphere presents more of a threat now than ever. ... Read More »


Trojan Zeus harnesses legit digital certificate

In the family of banking Trojans, Zeus is the nasty patriarch that cannot be silenced. According to CSO Online, it is one of the oldest types of malware of its kind on the black market. Its virulence is largely due to the fact that it has been able to mutate into more formidable strains over the ... Read More »


College campuses not a haven from data breaches (Part 1)

A university is perhaps a place one would overlook when considering targets of data breaches. After all, colleges deal in knowledge, not big money. What would the appeal be to hackers? And yet as a series of recent security attacks on major educational institutions have shown, universities are ... Read More »


College campuses not a haven from data breaches (Part 2)

In a previous post we discussed a breach on Indiana University that left student information exposed. Unfortunately, that is not the only educational breach currently making headlines. University of Maryland has 309,079 reasons to consider better endpoint security Whenever a breach occurs ... Read More »


In cyber attacks, be proactive instead of playing the blame game (Part 2)

In Part 1 we discussed how a blame game ensued following a string of recent retail breaches. Customers largely pointed a finger at the companies themselves, but retailers have a different outlook.Focusing on better customer preparedness Though patrons largely blame retailers for a breach, it has ... Read More »


Growing sophistication of malware calls for elevated endpoint management

It is no secret that malware poses a greater threat now than ever before. The unprecedented rise in cybercrime necessitates better endpoint protection measures for all users - individuals and enterprises alike. A recent study has affirmed the importance of data loss prevention methods by ... Read More »

Cybercriminals are increasingly attacking small businesses for data leakage.

The story of a man who fights malware

Endpoint security is vital both to enterprises and individuals. Without it, these two groups place themselves at risk of attack. Few people know this better than Brian Krebs, a man who has devoted his career to exposing data attacks and working to identify their culprits. Through his continued work, ... Read More »


Should companies be required to immediately report breaches? (Part 1)

Breaches have been a problem worldwide, and all signs point not only to the continuation of cyber incursions, but to their growth. Particularly damaging is when a company - and specifically, a retailer's - data leak prevention measures are maliciously circumvented, since such an attack threatens to ... Read More »


80,000 reasons to consider better endpoint protection

Apart from being three of the biggest companies out there, what do Twitter, Apple and Microsoft have in common? In 2013 each of these enterprises faced cyberattacks. But in a year when upward of 80,000 new malware threats emerged daily, that should not be a surprise. The 80,000 figure comes from a ... Read More »