With secret malware and big fines for breaches, enterprises need to enact defenses

The increasingly stealthy nature of malware and the monetary penalties organizations face when they fall victim to it are making the message clearer than ever: It's time to implement endpoint detection and response measures. If companies fail to have the proper defenses in place, they risk not only ... Read More »

Decision making around enterprise endpoints

I’ve been giving this a lot of thought lately, as CTO of my company, Ziften, which plays a significant role in the enterprise endpoint technology space, delivering endpoint detection and response capabilities which continuously monitor endpoints for improved security posture.  A key point is what ... Read More »

Upsurge in identity fraud reflects mounting data attack numbers

A recent report points to the alarming fact that consumer data breaches are resulting in more and more identities being stolen. The report - which was carried out by the National Consumers League - reveals that during 2013, roughly 33 percent of data breaches led to the swiping of an identity, ... Read More »

Cost of malware sends a clear message to businesses: endpoint threat detection and response should be top priority

When it comes to implementing endpoint threat detection and response measures, it's not really a choice for businesses anymore. Instead, it's an absolute necessity. The global proliferation of cybercrime has ushered us into an age of constant threats. If your company isn't well guarded, it could ... Read More »

Up to 30,000 potentially impacted in car wash chain breach

Car washes may clean your cars, but when it comes to keeping your data safe, things get a little messy. Connecticut-based car wash Splash is having to learn the hard way that it's not only financial organizations and big retailers that fall victim to malicious intrusions. A breach results in ... Read More »

Domino’s falls victim to attack

The bigger a company is, the worse it will look in a breach. This is a fact that hackers are extremely aware of. After all, a malicious encroachment into a local grocery store's email account probably won't make headlines. But how about a retailer that everyone shops at? Or a company whose name is ... Read More »