Recent financial attacks on banks require a layered approach to protection

Recent financial breaches have hit ATMs, allowing criminals to steal millions. Financial companies need to be aware of the different important aspects of security and the reasons behind their use in order to combat this threat. Unfortunately, financial information is a highly desirable target for ... Read More »

Russian cybercriminals steal billions of credentials in biggest known breach

An American cybersecurity company believes it may have discovered the biggest known data breach in history. The company alleges that a group of Russian cybercriminals they have been investigating for months is behind the theft of billions of passwords and other pieces of personally identifiable ... Read More »

PF Chang’s breach affected more than 30 locations over 8 months

Restaurant chain PF Chang's recently released new information regarding the security breach of its credit card systems across the country. The chain announced that the breach affected more than 30 locations in 17 states and went on for eight months before being detected. While the investigation ... Read More »

US-CERT warns of new retail malware

The U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team released an alert this week warning of a new form of retail malware, known as Backoff, that may have already been responsible for breaches at 600 companies. US-CERT, working together with the Secret Service, first discovered the malware in October 2013 ... Read More »

New Target CEO signals hope for breached company

The Target breach may be yesterday's news, but when it comes to malicious incursions on major companies, yesterday's news is also today's and tomorrow's. It will likely be a long time before the company can escape the shadow of its breach, but with the company's announcement of a new CEO, perhaps ... Read More »

Businesses face steep price without endpoint detection and response

Given the current threat environment, one would think that all businesses would be taking ever possible step to defend their infrastructures. But unfortunately that's not always the case. In a piece for bobsguide, guest contributor Torgny Gunnarsson - who runs a data solutions company - ... Read More »