By Charles Leaver

80,000 reasons to consider better endpoint protection

Apart from being three of the biggest companies out there, what do Twitter, Apple and Microsoft have in common? In 2013 each of these enterprises faced cyberattacks. But in a year when upward of 80,000 new malware threats emerged daily, that should not be a surprise. The 80,000 figure comes from a recent security report, whose findings suggest that endpoint protection software is needed now more than ever before.

Unfortunately, it appears that many users are not as vigilant about securing their cyber identity as they should be. That was illustrated by a 2013 breach on Adobe, which led to the exposure of user and password information for almost 40 million customers, according to PCWorld. Stemming from the attack, it was discovered that around five percent of these users – or two million people – relied on an enormously vulnerable password: “123456.”

Oftentimes it is sheer laziness that prevents a user from adding complexity and sophistication to their various passwords. But such measures must be taken in a time when data breaches run rampant. And all computing users must also look into the best endpoint protection for their needs.

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