Get to the Point.

Protect to the End.

The battle for cyber security protection is consuming company resources, from personnel to budget. Threats are faster, smarter, and more targeted than ever before, working their way around traditional prevention solutions and often getting straight to the point; the endpoints. Once breached, the endpoints—laptops, desktops, servers, and more—spread their malicious load to additional victims within 60 minutes, and it continues to permeate throughout the organization.

Speed kills in cyber security, and for many security teams it’s their inability to monitor and act fast enough to detect and respond to these attacks. What today’s organizations need is simple:

Continuous visibility into each of their company’s endpoints, accessible and actionable by current staff so they can respond immediately to safeguard their network, their employees, their customers, and their reputation.

At Ziften we understood this challenge and purpose-built our continuous endpoint visibility solution to be deployed quickly and to immediately amplify the skillset of any security team and the tools they already have in place. Ziften architected its endpoint innovation with a solution that provides continuous visibility and high performance; with ultra low resource consumption Ziften leaves only a negligible footprint in resource usage, maximizes data storage, and scales seamlessly. That allows our customers to focus on the end result: the immediate discovery, analysis, and response to security exposures on their endpoints.

Ziften is funded by Fayez Sarofim & Co. and Spring Mountain Capital.