Boot Time Measurement

by Al Hartmann

March 28, 2013

access_time 3 min read

Accurate measurement of startup, boot, and logon times is important.  As explained in last week’s blog post, boot time can help gauge system performance and influence user experience.

Most performance tools, however, can only offer approximations of boot time, and the tools themselves will slow the boot process.  Ziften runs as a lightweight service with extremely low resource consumption and measures boot more accurately without slowing the process at all.

Additionally, Windows 7 has a built in feature to help shorten boot time by delaying the start of some processes late in the login phase or even later than that.  This boot time enhancement feature may confuse the performance tools that function by searching for a specific list of processes during a specific time period. Ziften seamlessly handles this Windows 7 feature.

Ziften has developed the most accurate algorithm available for measuring boot time.  Rather than search for a list of processes, Ziften monitors system resource consumption.  It separates the startup/boot phase from the login phase by analyzing the resource consumption of all processes launched during each phase.  This method of measurement enables Ziften to properly identify and manage deferred logins.  It will suspend measurement after the boot phase until the user logs in.  Unlike any other product on the market, it does not factor deferred logins into the total boot time.

Enterprise IT organizations can finally maintain accurate and relevant statistics on this important system performance measurement.  The Ziften dashboard enables desktop administrators to review daily boot times across their Enterprise Client environment, and it can take action to improve performance through system resource management.  We will discuss this product feature in an upcoming blog post.