Brand Guidelines

Our brand identity helps our customers
understand who we are and what we stand for.



The Ziften logo is our company calling card. It is our brand’s signature, and tells our story with a single image. It is the most important branding tool at our disposal, so please treat it kindly.

For proper logo treatment and usage, please refer to the brand guidelines.


Color Palette

Primary Colors Our color scheme consists of coral and blue with supporting hues of Ziften’s grayscale palette. These colors emanate a bold and charismatic presence. These conceptually smart and modern tones also carry a feeling that is welcoming. Under these guidelines, the use of tints and shades is encouraged to provide a sense of company balance.

Ziften Dark Blue #0095ad

Ziften Blue #00cde2

Ziften Light Blue #41e4f6

Ziften Dark Coral #e24444

Ziften Coral #fc6b6a

Ziften Light Coral #ffb6b6

Ziften Black #1e1e28

Ziften Dark Grey #3c3c50

Ziften Silver #a4abc1

Ziften Grey #5e5e75

Ziften Light Grey #dcdfea

Ziften Off White #f6f7fa

Secondary Colors The secondary color palette is comprised of three colors. For flexibility, a dark, medium, and light shade of each of these colors is also provided. Remember that the primary color palette should be used most often and frequently to signify that collateral comes from Ziften. The secondary palette should be used as support colors, sparingly in graphics and charts, and as collateral-specific colors.

Ziften Dark Green #0095ad

Ziften Green #38ab78

Ziften Light Green #5ebb91

Ziften Dark Blue #00176b

Ziften Blue #1f337d

Ziften Light Blue #35488a

Ziften Dark Purple #2d003f

Ziften Purple #512361

Ziften Light Purple #6d467a


Ziften's brand primary font is Source Sans. It was selected for the purpose of establishing a cohesive look. Do not use any other fonts, or use Source Sans in ways that are not prescribed here.

For PowerPoint presentations Arial is the approved font.


Source Sans Bold AaBbCc123

Source Sans Regular AaBbCc123

Source Sans Light AaBbCc123