By Charles Leaver

Breach targets Detroit city employees

In a malware attack, everyone – individuals and enterprises alike – is a target, and city governments are no exception. That was illustrated recently when a City of Detroit¬†employee clicked one wrong button and inadvertently set in motion a malware breach that exposed information for 1,700 city employees, the Detroit Free Press reported. According to the city’s tech chief Beth Niblock, a city employee opened an email link that unleashed malware on the city’s system. This malware sealed off files that contained, among other things, Social Security numbers and birth dates for city personnel. Fortunately, the malware reportedly did not actually access personal information for any of the 1,700 employees, Michigan Radio reported.

“To the best of our knowledge, no personal data has actually been disclosed,” Niblock said, but added that “we obviously take any kind of malware, phishing, trojan, worms, viruses, security, very seriously.”

The City is now offering free credit monitoring to the 1,700 affected employees, in a move reminiscent of Target’s response to its massive breach.

The Detroit malware breach points to the need for all enterprises to make sure they have strong endpoint security software in place to guard against attacks.

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