By Charles Leaver

Businesses must value security in cloud

The past decade has witnessed major transformations in the way enterprises do business – in no small part due to an increasing move among companies to the cloud, a place where business can get work done more efficiently and on a greater scale. But as two recent studies found, dangerous security hazards are as embedded in the cloud as the resources that make it so appealing.

A platform of risk
Cybercriminals currently operate with an unprecedented degree of sophistication and global interconectedness. The global linkage of cybercriminal factions means enterprises in the cloud have to be more vigilant than ever in defending against attacks. Unfortunately that is not the case, as two separate security reports found.

The first study, carried out by Intel company McAfee, pointed out that corporate cloud computing will become a hotbed of criminal breaches due to the monetary potential of company information on file. Because companies in the cloud tend to store customer data in addition to their own, parts of that information – such as passwords and payment records – will become fodder for hackers.

“The issue for enterprise security practitioners is that when a corporate application moves to the cloud, the organization loses visibility of and control over the security profile,” the report stated.

But as a separate study conducted by Solutionary pointed out, this loss of control is mainly present in the public cloud, where the security infrastructure does not exist to protect highly privileged company data.

A solution in better endpoint protection
Businesses cannot take their security in the cloud for granted. Without the proper data loss prevention software, companies face losing that security in the time it takes one hacker to slither into the internal system. Hackers are a truth of the cyber world we live in, but as long as companies keep their guard up, the criminals don’t have to win.

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