By Rachel Munsch

Junior System Administrator

Status: Part-time, up to 25 hours/week, 100 hours/month

Compensation: Up to $15/hour

Duration: Indefinite (as work is available)

Work schedule: Flexible

Job Title: Junior Systems Administrator

Job Summary: Position is responsible for daily systems management and technical support for existing and future AWS cloud / SaaS deployments.

Essential Duties:

– Ability to diagnose complex application issues within a Linux cli environment (CentOS & RedHat).

– Provide technical support via helpdesk & Email with the possibility of phone interactions.

– React quickly to system monitoring alerts.

– Familiarity to install & configure server operating systems and packages such as Postgres, Jetty, ActiveMQ.

– Effectively escalate advanced system issues to Senior Administrators.

Desired Skills:

– Adequate *nix command line experience.

– Familiarity reading & writing simple SQL queries.

– Knowledge of simple bash scripting to automate daily tasks.

– Familiarity with AWS EC2 & VMWare vSphere environments.

– Ability to proactively troubleshoot and document support occurrences.

– Familiarity with DNS and common web application errors.

– Adaptability to work within new and emerging technologies.

– Passion to advance internal & external systems as a whole.

Other Duties:

Perform any other related duties as assigned by Senior Administration and Technology directors.

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