By Logan Gilbert

Endpoint Security for Comprehensive Incident Remediation

When incidents happen, security analysts need to act quickly and comprehensively. With telecommuting workforces and corporate “cloud” infrastructures, remediation and analysis on an endpoint pose a truly daunting task. Below, watch how you can use Ziften to take actions on the endpoint and determine the source and propagation of a compromise in minutes – no matter where the endpoints reside.

“In minutes you can start from anywhere and quickly trace an issue back to the source to comprehensively fix the problem.”

First, Ziften alerts you to malicious activities on endpoints and directs you to the cause of the alert.  In seconds, Ziften lets you take remediation actions on the endpoint, whether it’s on the corporate network, an employee’s home, or the local coffee shop. Any remediation action you’d typically perform via a direct access to the endpoint, Ziften makes available through its web console.

Just that quickly, remediation is taken care of. Now you can use your security expertise to go threat hunting and do a bit of forensics work.  You can immediately dive into much more detail about the process that led to the alert; and then ask those essential questions to discover how widespread the problem is and where it propagated from. Ziften delivers comprehensive incident remediation for security analysts.

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