By Ryan Holeman

Cybersecurity Investment Continues to Grow at Record Pace


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Cybersecurity Investment Continues to Grow at Record Pace

Steve Morgan, CEO of Cybersecurity Ventures, published a report on CSO Online Monday dubbed, “Investors pour billions in to cybersecurity firms.” And that’s no conjecture – last year alone, venture-backed cybersecurity companies raised almost $2 billion dollars. With all that capital changing hands, you might think things have hit their peak. But you’d be wrong…

Although we’re only halfway through 2015, cybersecurity startups have already generated $1.2 billion in funding. That’s billion with a B. It seems, as Morgan points out, that there’s just no end in sight when it comes to security. Top firms like Allegis Capital have even raised funds (to the tune of $100M) to back cybersecurity innovation, exclusively.

Looking down the list of names, it’s not the usual suspects either. Most of the funding announcements mentioned in Morgan’s article are fast-growing companies like ours. We’re in good company among innovators who are keeping pace with the demands of modern cyber security. While Ziften leads the pack in continuous endpoint visibility – others have taken unique approaches, like applying artificial intelligence to the fight against cyber attacks or simplifying key lookups to bring public key encryption to the masses. All tackling a different piece of the puzzle.

And puzzle it is. Due to the highly specialized nature of many solutions, collaboration is going to be key. There is a clear need for integrating components in the market for a sophisticated view of the problem set. That’s why we built Ziften Open Visibility™ – to provide APIs, connectors, and alerts to integrate endpoint context and attribution data with existing investments.

20/20 Market Vision

What might seem like market saturation to the layman is just the tip of the security iceberg. Each day, cyber attacks become more sophisticated, finding new ways to cripple consumers and enterprises. This list of endorsed organizations is a testament to the notion that legacy endpoint and network security fall short in 2015. Prevention is a beautiful notion, but security pros now realize a two-pronged strategy is needed that incorporates detection and response.

You can have a 20/20 view of your security landscape, or you can keep your current blind spots. Which one helps you sleep more easily?

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