By Mike Hamilton

Endpoint Security Vendors – Show Us Your Architecture!

Endpoint security is all the rage these days. And there are lots of different vendors out there touting their wares in this market. But it’s sometimes difficult to understand what exactly each vendor provides. What’s even more difficult is to understand how each vendor solution is architected to provide their services.

I believe that the back-end architecture of whatever you choose can have a profound impact on the future scalability of your implementation. And it can create lots of unforeseen work and costs if you’re not careful.

So, in the spirit of transparency, and because we think our architecture is different, unique and powerful, we invite all endpoint security vendors to “show us your architecture”.

I’ll get the ball rolling in the following video where I show you the Ziften architecture, and a couple of what I consider legacy architectures for comparison. Specifically, I’ll discuss:

  • Ziften’s architecture designed using next-gen cloud principles.
  • One company’s peer-to-peer “mish-mash” architecture.
  • Legacy hub-spoke-hub architectures.

Mike Hamilton, Chief Product Officer, Ziften

I’ve shown you the power of our truly cloud-based platform. Now it’s my competitor’s turn. Come on folks – show us your architectures!

Tanium, Carbon Black, I’m talking to you!

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