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Endpoint Visibility Identified as Key in New Security Paradigm – Ziften Provides


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Endpoint Visibility Identified as Key in New Security Paradigm – Ziften Provides All-the-Time Visibility and Control for Any Endpoint, Anywhere

Helps cyber-security teams tackle insider threats, malware and zero day attacks

LONDON – JUNE 5, 2017 – Ziften today announced it will be showcasing its end-to-end next-generation endpoint security solutions at Black Hat USA 2017 July 22-27 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. The Ziften solution provides security and operations teams with valuable endpoint context behind all network activity – giving enterprises continuous visibility and analytics to respond to advanced threats and run their business in a more efficient, intelligent and secure manner. Ziften security experts will be on hand to give live product demonstrations and meet with conference attendees July 26-27 in the Business Hall booth #132.
In 2017, security operations and IT teams are fighting an avalanche of risks and security threat alerts. Think hundreds of thousands of devices, and thousands of users creating constant change. And existing, siloed tools provide only partial, point-in-time data that leaves gaps for IT and security teams to piece together manually. IT simply cannot investigate all the alerts, exposing organizations to unacceptable risks, and unnecessary costs. Thus, it’s no surprise that a recent Futuriom report concludes that “SysSecOps (systems and security operations) for endpoints is built on a foundation of endpoint visibility, control and integration within a broader security ecosystem.”
The WannaCry worm is only a tiny example of threats enterprises face; insider employees stealing data, applications on the cloud, and mobile devices at home require continuous monitoring and protection.
In response, IT and security teams require technology and process coordination. Ziften brings it all together with a foundational platform providing visibility and control across the entire IT environment – for any asset, anywhere. Any asset means client devices, servers, VMs, and cloud instances. Anywhere means on the corporate network, working remotely, disconnected entirely, and in the cloud. Ziften delivers real time, continuous visibility in every instance.

  • Visibility for Any Asset: Ziften deploys on client devices. Ziften deploys on data center servers, or in virtual machines (VMs), or containers. Ziften is agnostic to the hypervisor in use. And Ziften works in the enterprise cloud. No matter what cloud environment – AWS, Azure, etc.
  • Visibility Anywhere: Ziften provides visibility of endpoints anywhere. On the network – absolutely. Working remote – definitely. Offline altogether – yes again. In the cloud – no doubt. IT and security teams can maintain visibility of all their assets, everywhere.

“Today’s endpoint environments are in constant motion, and constantly changing”, said Roark Pollock, SVP of Marketing for Ziften. “So Ziften provides endpoint visibility that’s like having a high-def video surveillance camera in place. Ziften sees everything.”

About Ziften:

Ziften delivers all-the-time visibility and control for any asset, anywhere – client devices, servers, and cloud VMs – whether on-network or remote; connected or not. Our unified systems management and security platform empowers IT operations and security teams to quickly repair user impacting endpoint issues, reduce their overall risk posture, speed security threat response, and increase operations productivity. Ziften’s secure enterprise architecture delivers continuous, streaming endpoint monitoring and historical data collection for large and mid-sized enterprises, governments, and managed security service providers (MSSP). And Ziften data helps extend the value of incumbent tools, and fill the gaps between fragmented, siloed systems.

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