Furthering the Cause of Security Intelligence – The Ziften 21-Day Challenge

by Al Hartmann

July 11, 2013

access_time 2 min read

Traditional endpoint security solutions are clearly not cutting it when it comes to providing complete protection against security incidents and breaches. Highly publicized security incidents involving major corporations are now a daily occurrence.  And, the end user’s device is more often than not the point of entry of attacks.

In examining tens of thousand of endpoints over the years, Ziften has discovered that there is a consistent lack of visibility into what’s happening with devices throughout the enterprise, leading to undetected vulnerabilities, data breaches, and security incidents.

That’s where Ziften comes in.  Our experience with discovering hidden security issues is so consistent that we feel confident to offer the Ziften 21-Day Challenge – deploy Ziften on a representative sample of your machines for 21 days, and if we don’t find one of the following issues below, we’ll give you a $2,000 SANS educational credit.

  • Endpoints not running security software
  • Known malware and suspect processes (adware, spyware or form-grabbing BHOs)
  • Old, unsupported, and/or vulnerable software
  • Unnecessary attack surface

We’re pretty confident we will educate you about at least some of these problems in your environment.  But if we don’t, you can get educated by SANS on our dime. Sort of a no-brainer!