By Charles Leaver

Lookingglass and Ziften Partner to Deliver Threat Intelligence from the Internet to the Endpoint

Partnership Empowers Users With Comprehensive Threat Visibility For Faster, More Informed Mitigation 

Arlington, VA – (August 19, 2013) – Lookingglass Cyber Solutions, the pioneer delivering over-the-horizon visibility through its revolutionary Cyber Threat Intelligence Monitoring and Management platform, and Ziften, pioneering a new class of software focused on managing the security and health of physical and virtual enterprise clients, today announced that the companies are partnering to provide users with increased threat visibility – both external and on the endpoint.

Ziften’s granular visibility goes beyond identifying potentially malicious communications, identifying the data and applications involved in the activity. This combination of Lookingglass’ ability to monitor threats on the Internet and internal enterprise network with Ziften’s leading endpoint visibility provides users with end-to-end cyber threat intelligence. With Lookingglass’ global threat intelligence and Ziften’s endpoint situational awareness, it is now possible to correlate information regarding communication with potentially harmful hosts with activities and processes occurring on the endpoint. This facilitates internal security teams taking fast and appropriate mitigation and remediation actions.

“With a large percentage of breaches originating from the endpoint, it is essential for enterprises to view this activity within the context of the greater threat spectrum,” said Chris Coleman, CEO of Lookingglass. “Ziften is an agile, focused and innovative company that has the ability to keep pace with our development cycles and customer requirements. This relationship allows us to provide customers with the deepest available visibility and intelligence for identifying and taking actions to mitigate the latest threats. Leading organizations are looking for ways to change the way they address threats, and this relationship has the ability to further disrupt the status quo.”

Ziften’s Endpoint Analytics provides organizations with unprecedented visibility and control over the applications running across their physical, virtual, and mobile devices, which results in increased security, enhanced performance and asset optimization of the enterprise client. The security and the manageability of the client endpoint population hinges upon comprehensive situational awareness. Ziften leverages in-depth situational awareness and presents information in a way that provides actionable information, better decision making, and adds critical context to fast developing security events across the enterprise.

“Lookingglass is the leading security vendor providing organizations with truly usable threat intelligence, both internal and external, thereby informing a customer’s proactive protection efforts to mitigate threats before they can disrupt the business,” said Charles Leaver, CEO at Ziften. “By integrating our leading-edge endpoint visibility with Lookingglass’ unmatched Internet threat intelligence, users now have greater ability to intelligently and quickly prioritize and mitigate threats.”

Lookingglass’ ScoutPlatformTM provides a global view into the Internet and transforms threat data into threat knowledge. This information is essential for security operations teams to identify, understand and prioritize cyber threats within and beyond the enterprise perimeter. The ScoutPlatform offers continuous monitoring capabilities that alert customers to the presence of threats within networks that are relevant to their organization while delivering aggregated, contextualized threat intelligence. Rather than being tied to the antiquated ‘stop any and all security events’ mindset, Lookingglass’ ScoutPlatform enables customers to rapidly determine the relevance of threats and more effectively focus resources, thereby adopting a new cyber security risk approach that tightly aligns business needs with operational realities.

About Lookingglass

Lookingglass Cyber Solutions is the world leader in threat intelligence monitoring and management enabling over the horizon (OTH) cyber threat visibility. With its ScoutVisionTM and CloudScoutTM products, Lookingglass delivers a threat intelligence monitoring and management workspace to continuously monitor for over the horizon threats, such as the presence of botnets, hosts associated with cyber criminal networks, unexpected route changes and the loss of network resiliency. Lookingglass’ outside-in approach accounts for a client’s entire enterprise cyber ecosystem including the extended enterprise, and other networks beyond their control. This visibility brings an unprecedented view to help organizations understand their risks and enable a more proactive approach to the management of their overall security posture. For more information, visit

About Ziften

Ziften’s enterprise software provides organizations with unprecedented visibility and control over the applications running across their physical, virtual, and mobile devices, which results in increased security, enhanced performance and optimization of the enterprise client. Ziften enhances endpoint security and health by providing real-time situational awareness and in-depth, actionable analytics about the security and state of users’ devices across the enterprise. For more information, visit



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