Moving Forward: A Message from Ziften’s New CEO

by Mike Hamilton

July 25, 2018

access_time 6 min read

I am deeply honored and incredibly energized to be part of this Ziften team as its new CEO. And while my colleagues at Ziften know I generally prefer a command prompt to a blank page in MS Word, I’m relishing the opportunity to share my thoughts, so here goes.

I came to Ziften over 3 years ago to be a champion of product functionality and architecture. Steady innovation and building a feature set to simplify the lives of our users have been our focus. And that will not change. Going forward Ziften’s corporate focus will be on 2 key objectives:

  • Focus on customers – Our absolute top priority is helping customers secure and harden their laptop, desktop, server and cloud endpoints, and delighting those same customers with our support and execution.
  • Focus on innovation – Additionally, our success depends on our continued product innovation, and thus we will continue to improve our product, services and processes at a rapid pace.

Ziften has been building the EDR space long before the market formally began, and this has paid off big with our capability to support the entire range of connected devices, from the edge, to the cloud, and everything virtualized in between. It has been and will continue to be a lot of work; we are fortunate that it is work that we love.

Even after late nights of developing our product, re-imagining our unique next-gen architecture, and designing what may be the most approachable endpoint protection platform on the planet, Zenith, we find ourselves with tremendous future opportunities. Opportunities to become even more efficient, more capable, and more usable. Opportunities to dramatically simplify the complex work of those tired security teams who actually have to respond to those 3:30am in the morning attacks. Opportunities to better serve that mid-size enterprise that can suddenly trim its budget by reducing overall costs. Opportunities to better serve that big government agency that can now easily and instantly visualize its security posture across all of its devices, servers, and cloud instances.

I may as well take this opportunity to say it: the future of Ziften holds promise; not only for our clients, but for our partners, our staff, and – by the way – even our rivals. There are leaps to be made in this field yet, and we intend to see them made.

Truth be told, my mind has been wrapped up in optimizing our products for a long time. And more recently working with partners and customers as we expand Ziften’s global reach – from Germany to Japan and beyond. Being asked to take the helm on a fair tack with a steady wind is an honor. The course is fine indeed: our integrated partnerships with companies like Microsoft, our ongoing expansion into new geographic regions, the ability to adapt to ever-changing digital landscapes (using advanced AI capabilities to fight known, unknown, and zero-day attacks), and the ability to scale our first-class services all make me proud to call Ziften my home.

But as exciting as growth and product development are, we are no stranger to the fact that good, old-fashioned customer service and relationship building is the real path to success. Fancy technological innovation is a guarantee in time, but good customer service is not. A flashy new product may get you a nice write-up and an interview but make no mistake: top-notch customer service is what keeps the lights on.

Again, I am deeply honored and incredibly energized to be part of this Ziften team. I have faith in this company, I have faith in the people that make it work, and I have faith in our ability to help our customers succeed. We are a customer satisfaction company; therefore, we are also a product innovation company. That means a lot in these exciting, fast-paced times. Big things are in the pipeline. There has never been a better time to be smart about endpoint protection. I look forward to sharing Ziften’s future with you.