By Charles Leaver

New Ziften Offering Speeds Forensic Investigations, and Strengthens Enterprise Security

Ziften advances Open Visibility ™ initiative with new 4.0 release.

Gartner ITxpo (PRWEB) October 08, 2013

Ziften, the leader in Open Visibility Intelligence, providing organizations with a more secure environment by delivering actionable analytics for user-devices across the enterprise, announced today the availability of Ziften 4.0.

Due to lack of visibility, the enterprise client remains a sea of virtual black holes and threats that are difficult to identify. With BYOD driving more device usage across an organization, the lack of visibility is exacerbated.

With Ziften 4.0, security and IT operational teams gain much needed visibility into enterprise endpoints delivering the highest level of security against today’s threat landscape. Ziften enhances endpoint security by providing real-time alerting and in-depth, actionable analytics about the security of the various devices in use across the enterprise.

CEO of Ziften Charles Leaver says, “Business users are driving demand for security innovations on the endpoint. Until now, no enterprise security products adequately gave you granular visibility of the endpoints, even though endpoints are the enterprise’s most common security threat. With Ziften’s 4.0 release we are excited to bring to the market a new paradigm that will heighten enterprise security and create a new industry standard.”

Speeds Forensic Investigations

Ziften 4.0 defends enterprises against advanced threats and delivers key benefits for advanced threat protection and compliance purposes, including:

  •     Cross-Platform Security.
  •     Intrusion forensic analysis.
  •     Vulnerability Assessment.
  •     Malware and Suspicious Binary Detection.
  •     Compliance Monitoring.
  •     Operations.

Features immediately available on 4.0 are:

  •     Real time reporting and alerting on all end-user devices.
  •     Custom Dashboards on a user by user basis.
  •     Configurable reports on any group of endpoints.
  •     Ability to subscribe to reports via email.
  •     Custom alerting via email, text, and to ArcSight, QRadar and Splunk.
  •     OS X Support.

Strengthens Enterprise Security

Ziften 4.0 incorporates enhanced integration points to other systems. Ziften’s Open VisibilityTM platform now includes integration with LookingGlass, Arcsight, Splunk and QRadar. Additionally, a full stand-alone Ziften – Splunk application can be used independently or in parallel with a Ziften server, providing client data analysis and endpoint visibility.

About Ziften:

Ziften Open Visibility and intelligence provides a more secure environment by delivering actionable analytics for any user device across the enterprise. Ziften extends existing security, system management, and event monitoring tools. It delivers crucial open intelligence of any enterprise endpoint, enabling you to run your business in a more efficient, intelligent, and secure manner.

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