By Charles Leaver

On-Demand Webinar: Having a Tattletale Endpoint May Be A Good Idea!

Endpoint security products offer little in terms of long-term results if they continue to miss detailed situational awareness from enterprise clients. This talk will address how you can equip your organization with the necessary management technology to remediate security threats and incidents, while bringing an elevated level of performance, visibility, and efficiency to enterprise client management.

This on-demand webinar will include information on the problems with existing endpoint security and how Ziften’s “tattletale” capabilities can fix the following problems:

  • Endpoint security suites (anti-virus / anti-malware) alone don’t work!
  • System management tools inadvertently introduce problems and fail, leaving vulnerable and dangerous software running on endpoints
  • Multiple versions of software increase attack surface
  • Browser Helper Objects – dangerous and useless
  • Case study of a Fortune 500 customer

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