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The Ziften Activate Partner Program offers a broad range of products and services to help accelerate new opportunities.

Ziften Activate Partner Program

Accelerate new opportunities

Activate Partner
Program Benefits

Being part of Ziften's Activate Partner Program helps accelerate new opportunities and expand existing business. Benefits include:

Hands-on Partnership:
Dedicated field sales, and sales engineers to drive new sales opportunities and support daily pre-sales engagements.

Guaranteed High Margin Sales:
Cloud-based software security solutions solving high-value customer needs.

Market Development Assistance:
Initiatives and funds available to drive incremental demand and lead generation.

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Why Ziften

With Ziften, our channel partners can offer a broad range of security and systems operations capabilities. Using Ziften, you can:

Support More of Your Customer’s Environment:
Provide visibility and control for traditional endpoints, servers, and cloud VMs.

Support More Customer Stakeholders:
Provide solutions for Security Operations, IT Operations, IT Helpdesk, and DevOps teams.

Offer Unique, Integrated Solutions:
Integrate Ziften with your existing product offerings to provide differentiation.

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