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Fortinet and Ziften

Ziften, a Fortinet
Fabric-Ready Partner

The combined Fortinet and Ziften solutions allow security professionals to see what is happening at the endpoint and on the network in real-time, and as part of any forensic investigation.



  • Last mile visibility and attribution
  • Integrated cloud visibility
  • Unmanaged IT asset discovery


  • Elminate existing sandbox blind spots
  • Integrated dynamic malware analysis
  • Malware blocking at the endpoint

Ziften and FortiGate Integration

Ziften provides all-the-time visibility data so network and firewall administrator’s responsible for managing Fortinet FortiGate products have additional, rich context and attribution for each network flow. FortiGate administrators can easily pivot from the FortiGate console to view host, user, process/application, and file hash for any network flow or connection.

Ziften Integration Expands Reach of FortiSandbox

Ziften complements and extends the value of the Fortinet FortiSandbox. Ziften sees all files on the endpoint, regardless of how they are downloaded, and automates the submission of any file to FortiSandbox for detonation and dynamic analysis. This extends the reach of FortiSandbox, as Ziften delivers all-the-time visibility into all activity on any endpoint be it in the campus, data center, cloud, or working off-network.

Ziften and FortiSandbox Automate Malware Response

Terminate and block malware threats at the endpoint or the firewall. Once a file is determined to be malicious, Ziften and Fortinet can automate the blocking of that file anywhere preventing it from executing again in the future.

  • Blocking at each endpoint - whether on the
    network or remote, connected or not.
  • Blocking in the network itself, at the firewall, before
    it reaches an endpoint.