Technology Partners

IBM and Ziften

Working Together to Solve Tomorrow’s Security Challenges

Our partnership spans IBM Security Software, Services, and Cloud. Product integrations include IBM QRadar SIEM, BigFix, and XForce. Ziften is a validated security solution for the IBM Cloud. IBM Global Technology Services is a global Ziften reseller. And, our joint partnerships include Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, Cisco/Lancope, and Splunk – making managed account solutions easy.


Ziften App for IBM QRadar SIEM

Ziften makes IBM QRadar better than ever. The Ziften App for IBM QRadar provides improved visibility, control, and forensics directly in the QRadar console. With Ziften’s unique endpoint based telemetry augmenting QRadar data, joint customers can quickly connect network based alerts to a specific device, application, process, and user – speeding operations execution.

Ziften App for IBM QRadar

Ziften Integration With IBM BigFix

Ziften’s continuous endpoint visibility data extends IBM BigFix endpoint management capabilities for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and cloud. Improvements include:

• Continuous asset discovery for BigFix agent deployments.
• Continuous device state monitoring and management.
• Continuous vulnerability assessments.
• Detailed active software license utilization reporting.

Ziften IBM Cloud

Ziften provides a validated solution for the IBM Cloud for Security. Ziften brings added visibility, context, and attributes for compliance, operational management, and control. Ziften helps organizations maintain control and governance of enterprise cloud deployments with the same level of precision they have in private data centers.