Ziften Services

Augmenting Your IT and Security Operations Teams


Doing More with Your Existing IT and Security Teams

IT and cyber security resources are scarce. And you need to ensure your organization is continually protected. Customer and employee data, intellectual property, and confidential company information is always at risk. Rarely do you have the resources or time you want to suitably assess your environment, hunt for issues and threats, and instantly respond to and fix confirmed incidents.

  • Lack of Resources

    Most security teams can’t drop everything when a breach occurs. Nor do they necessarily have expertise to tackle full-time threat hunting.

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  • Little to No Visibility

    If you can’t see it, it isn’t secure. Security teams need full visibility across apps, operating systems, and cloud environments.

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  • Nonexistent Process

    When a breach or a critical alert occurs, time is of the essence! But is it clear where to start and how to go about doing the investigation?

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Let Ziften Expand Your IT and Security Teams

Let Ziften help assess and secure your organization. Ziften provides unmatched visibility into your physical and virtual IT assets, whether on- or off-network, in the cloud, or in your data center. Ziften’s Assess, Hunt, and Respond services augment your teams by working directly with your staff of executives, IT and security operations personnel.

Assess and Improve Operational and Security Outcomes

Assess and Improve Operational and Security Outcomes

With the Assess service, Ziften provides short-term or periodic improvement strategies that are perfect for periodic IT and security compliance checks, pre-M&A risk assessments, post-M&A planning, and cloud migration preparations.

24/7 Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Services

24/7 Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Services

With the Hunt service, Ziften provides continuous monitoring, proactive hunting, and remote response assistance for issues and threats in your environment – immediately exposing them so they do not dwell or spread.

As Needed Incident Response Expertise and Capacity

As Needed Incident Response Expertise and Capacity

With the Respond service, Ziften provides remote or on-site proven incident response process and expertise to confirm and prioritize issues and threats, and to uncover, eliminate and remediate the full extent of the issue.


& Benefits

  • Superior Visibility

    Continuous intelligence and analysis, not 15 second query based or point-in-time data snapshots.

  • Superior Forensics

    12 plus months of complete intelligence and analysis for deep lookback investigations and understanding.

  • Superior Asset Support

    Support for on-network, off-network, data center, and cloud physical and virtual assets.

  • Superior Risk Management

    End-to-end visibility, asset discovery, and posture monitoring combined with hunting, response, and forensics.