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RSA 2019 Recap

by Josh Harriman

March 13, 2019

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RSAC 2019: Where the World Talks Security

Another year and week in San Francisco for the RSA Conference 2019 edition. A special year for me personally as a talk I submitted was accepted for the show. Myself and Alex Benoit from Sepago co-presented our talk entitled “Lost Boys: How Linux and Mac Intersect in a Windows-Centric Security World”. (Here is the recording. Use unlock code: WatchRSAC2019.) We received good feedback and comments from the audience during and after the talk. We wanted to engage with the audience as we felt our viewpoints gave a special angle on this topic as I approached it from the vendor point of view, and Alex came at it from a consultant’s view. But the underlying theme was we both see companies and people struggle with the inclusion of Macs and Linux systems in their environment which need to be monitored, maintained and secure. They do seem to be an afterthought as we are used to seeing Windows systems being dominant in the workplace. A special shout out to Josh Long who gave us great feedback and other research ideas. He shared some good and scary resources for more up-to-date Mac malware and dangerous that we highlighted in our talk. You can find some details here.


Speakers Josh and Alex before their talk: Lost Boys: How Linux and Mac Intersect in a Windows-Centric Security World

Aside from the talk, we obviously had other duties at RSA and that was sharing our vision here at Ziften in a big and beautiful booth in the vendor hall. While a lot of folks came by for our famous Ziften socks (to the tune of 1,700+ people), we had excellent one-to-one talks and demos with excited and hungry (for knowledge) techies. We truly had a great time and loved the questions and interactions, plus showcasing the latest Ziften offering to the masses. I usually try to attend other talks while I’m at RSA, but with my talk and booth duty for demos, I only went to my favorite and a must-see panel. The RSA Cryptographers panel is the highlight for me and countless others who attend RSA. Having the greats up on stage to hear their take on current affairs within the security and privacy world we live in is riveting and I love it. But unfortunately, my favorite panelist Adi Shamir (the S in RSA) could not attend. You can hear for yourself in his message at the start of the panel from the link earlier, but basically, he never received his tourist visa to enter the United States. For someone who has contributed so much in terms of security and science and has received so many accolades and awards, to not even get a reason for the delay is shocking. And it’s not just Adi, but quite a few other scientists and researchers have recently faced the same lack of information and lack of a visa. Please write to your congressman/congresswoman and ask them why this happening. Take time to watch the panel discussions.


Protecting your endpoints gets us a little excited!

The show overall is a great experience if you can take the full on, in-your-face, vendor hall amusement park of shiny lights and loud noises. I mean that in the best possible way. It can be hard for someone that needs to find a security solution to filter through all that noise, but if you are patient and are willing to do some legwork, it will pay off. There are great products and companies out there and you will find what you need. If you want more info on my talk, or even better, want me to walk you through all that Ziften can offer, please reach out to us. I look forward to talking to you soon.