By Charles Leaver

Secure messaging applications increase endpoint security

Those with an interest in endpoint security know the value of a truly secure communication channel. Whether seeking to ensure the safe transmission of sensitive data and documents or simply wanting to have a private conversation, secure messaging applications make all this possible.

Many messaging platforms including those over social networking and other websites can leave a trail of personal data which can be traced and stolen by cybercriminals, according to CNN. However, secure messaging platforms have built-in security measures which allow users to safely send and receive sensitive information without leaving a trace.

Many messaging applications utilize strong encryption keys that enable users to message one another over a secure platform. Some even employ military strength encryption codes, according to Network World.

Applications of this nature also delete all transmissions available after a user-specified period of time, including texts, pictures, audio, video and PDFs. On some applications, encryption keys are only used a single time, then destroyed. No one beyond the intended individual with their specific personal device can decrypt a message, virtually eliminating the risk of data leakage via applications of this type.

In addition, secure messaging applications also extend security to include their own servers.  Network World stated that even app creators cannot access messages or information associated with the applications.

“Your information is always disguised with multiple rounds of salted, cryptographic hashing before it is transmitted to our servers,” application developers said, according to the news source.

Additional privacy benefits
Applications that enable communication over a secure platform also have added privacy settings which further improve endpoint security: The added benefit of automatic file deletion.

“Users are anonymous; each message is bound to the device; metadata is cleared from attachments; all deleted files on your phone are shredded,” Technology expert Dr. Robert Statica said, according to the news source.

Some secure communication applications can also be integrated with cloud apps like Dropbox, Box and Google Drive, allowing employees to access and share files from these programs safely and privately.

With several security features in place as well as a high level encryption, quality messaging applications allow users to transmit messages, documents and other information over an encrypted, private platform. By installing and utilizing this type of communication technologies, organizations can further secure endpoints and prevent data leaks.

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