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With Continuous Endpoint Visibility

Ziften purpose-built our continuous endpoint visibility solution to be deployed quickly and to immediately amplify the skill set of your team and the tools you already have in place. Ziften architected its endpoint innovation with a solution to provide continuous visibility and high performance; with ultra low resource consumption. Ziften leaves only a negligible footprint in resource usage, maximizes data storage, and scales seamlessly. That allows you to focus on the end result of our solution: the immediate discovery, analysis, and response to security exposures on your endpoints.

A complete endpoint detection and response solution must provide the ability to prevent incidents from occurring, detect them in real-time if they happen, and enable immediate response to mitigate damage. Continuous endpoint visibility also provides a wealth of valuable information to Help Desk and Desktop Management personnel that want to move from reactive to proactive when it comes to managing their users’ endpoints.

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