Cloud Visibility & Security

Are your cloud apps and data safe and secure?
How do you know?

Cloud Visibility & Security

Controlling the Cloud

Multi-Cloud Visibility Difficulties

How do you maintain real-time visibility across complex, multi-cloud environments regardless of which CSP’s you use?

Asset Migration and On-Going Monitoring

How do you avoid failed or delayed app migrations, VM proliferation, and enforce device state posture to maintain compliance?

Challenges Investigating Performance Issues

How do you proactively identify and remotely repair user impacting issues, and speed root cause identification and MTTR?

Unknown Vulnerability Exposures

How do you continually assess all cloud VMs for application vulnerabilities and monitor OS patch levels for immediate repair?

Cloud Threat Detection

How do you maintain a complete picture of suspicious activity and threats within your cloud environment?

Incident Response and Containment

How do you remotely respond to, investigate and quickly quarantine and mitigate attacks in the cloud?

The Ziften Difference

The Ziften Zenith security platform provides all-the-time visibility and control across all cloud environments, server platform types, and different server operating systems. This addresses a number of cloud security and IT use cases for SecOps and DevOps teams – saving time, costs, and ultimately preserving business productivity by eliminating security incidents, performance degradation, and system outages.

Use Case DevOps SecOps
Asset Migration
Unmanaged Asset Discovery
East-West Application Whitelisting
Patch Validation
Server / Application Issues
Intermittent Behavior Analysis
Threat Detection and Hunting
Incident Response, Investigation and Remediation

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