Technical Support - Exhibit B

Ziften Technologies, Inc.

  • 1. Introduction

    This Exhibit outlines Ziften’s technical support procedures and guidelines. It documents how to report problems and what happens after a problem is reported.

    Ziften shall provide second and third level support to Reseller after Reseller or End User provides first level support, if applicable.

    Ziften support will be provided either (i) Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM (CT), exclusive of generally accepted holidays observed by Ziften (“Standard Support”), or (ii) seven (7) days per week, twenty-four (24) hours per day (“Premium Support”). Election of support to be provided shall be identified on the Order Form.

    Ziften Support will respond to support requests by Reseller for the following items: installation, configuration, usage/functionality, defects, and maintenance patches and releases.

  • 2. Definition of Support Levels.
    2.1 1st Level of Support (Reseller or End User Responsibility).
    • Establish first point of contact with customer.
    • Log problem report.
    • Isolate problem to the failing component.
    • Use the Ziften products on the hardware and operating system for which they were designed.
    2.2 2nd Level of Support (Ziften Responsibility).
    • Log problem report.
    • Provide an initial response to Reseller after preliminary investigation of the problem report including assigning a severity level to the problem report.
    • Provide a problem response timeframe to Reseller if problem can’t be resolved during the initial call.
    • If a problem results in a maintenance release, provide Reseller with access to the release.
    2.3 3rd Level of Support (Ziften Responsibility).
    • Provide in-depth technical support to 2nd level support.
    • Provide detailed analysis and verification of problem.
    • Provide interface to development for problem or defect resolution.
  • 3. Opening a Problem Report with Ziften.
    3.1 Contacting Technical Support.

    Technical Support may be contacted by phone or email by Reseller.
    Contact email:
    Contact phone number: 512-298-5501
    3.2 Problem Submission Procedures.
    Ziften requires certain relevant information to be collected by Reseller and passed on to Ziften’s Technical Support personnel. The following lists the information to be collected prior to contacting Ziften. In return, a problem report will be created for tracking purposes.

    Required Information:
    • Company name.
    • Reseller’s first level support contact name, email address, and phone number.
    • For an existing issue, the problem report number.
    • Severity of issue (see Severity Definitions below).
    • End-user Confidence Online Client Operating system including release number and service pack level.
    • Confidence Online Server Operating System including release number.
    • Description of problem including any error messages.
    3.3 Ziften Technical Support Procedures after Problem Submission.
    • Technical Support will create and provide a problem report number so tracking of the problem can occur.
    • Once a problem report has been submitted, Technical Support will assign the issue to an appropriate Technical Support Representative for initial problem determination (response times for each problem severity are listed below).
    • A single point of contact on Reseller’s side is expected for each issue that is submitted to Technical Support. If this contact changes during the lifecycle of a problem, Technical Support must be notified of the change.
    • If escalation to higher levels of technical support needs to occur, Ziften will escalate the problem and provide new contact information.
    • If an End User contacts Ziften directly, Ziften’s Technical Support will redirect the call back to Reseller’s first level support group.
    • If the problem is a defect in the product, Ziften will log the defect in the internal defect tracking database.
    • Status of all defects will be provided upon request. Ziften will provide information to Reseller concerning the resolution of the defect (the resolution timeframe is outlined below for each problem severity).
    3.4 Severity Definitions.
    Severity and impact of a problem is determined when it is submitted to Technical Support. The severity is determined by the nature of the problem and Reseller feedback regarding the urgency of the problem as it affects their business.
    Problem Severity Failure Definition Examples
    Level 1
    Failure of the complete software system, of a subsystem, or of a software unit within the system, and there is NO workaround. Management Console unreachable
    Level 2
    Urgent issue that may involve loss of important functionality or performance in which operations are proceeding but may eventually be severely affected Agent using unacceptable amount of resources on endpoint
    Level 3
    Important issue involving a non-essential feature or moderate loss/degradation of services with minimal impact on End Users Management consoles report is not functioning as expected.
    Level 4 (Informational) Informational issue such as a question or a request for documentation/services New feature requests/documentation
    3.5 Problem Response Timeframes
    Technical Support will provide a response within the time criteria specified below.
    Severity Problem Report is Assigned Initial Response to Reseller Problem Resolution Timeframe
    Level 1
    One Business Hour Within four business hours Emergency Patch – immediate release after problem resolution
    Level 2
    Four Business Hours Within One Business Day Scheduled into following Maintenance Release
    Level 3
    One Business Day Within Two Business Days Scheduled into a subsequent Maintenance Release
    Level 4
    One Business Day Within Three Business Days Logged into Enhancement Request System
  • 4. Software Maintenance Releases and Updates
    The following section describes the mechanism for distributing software maintenance releases and updates through technical support to Reseller.
    • Software maintenance releases and patches are provided for all supported platforms.
    • Software maintenance releases and patches are provided to Reseller. It is Reseller’s responsibility to upgrade the software to the current maintenance release.
    • Software maintenance releases and patches wil be provided to Reseller for download from the ftp download section of Ziften’s web site