By Attila

Tips for Evaluating Next Gen Endpoint Security Solutions

On-Demand Webinar: Next generation endpoint security (NGES) is one of the hottest topics in today’s cybersecurity market. Traditional preventative measures alone offer insufficient endpoint protection – causing an influx of vendors offering NGES. While the market is relatively new, it is often difficult to cut through the marketing noise to figure out what some NGES companies do.

What Viewers Walk Away With:

  • How Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) defines the NGES market
  • The latest survey findings regarding the most important NGES product features
  • The definition of endpoint, and what IT consumers mean by this term
  • Key features, functions, and capabilities you should consider when evaluating NGES platforms

Featured Speakers:

  • David Monahan, Research Director at EMA Inc.
  • Roark Pollock, SVP of Marketing at Ziften
  • Peter Krauss, Contributing Editor at Information Week

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