Visibility and Control – Like No One Else

To See What You’ve Been Missing, Consider Ziften

All-the-Time Visibility

Yes. We mean all the time. Ziften provides continuously-streamed visibility into endpoint activity.

The other guys give you "point-in-time" snapshots.

Ziften stores that visibility data for as long as you need – giving you visibility far beyond "right now".


Any Asset

We’re talking more than laptops. Any asset means client devices, servers, virtual machines, and cloud instances.

With Ziften - come one, come all.

The other guys? Well, all that matters are client devices, right? Wrong.


Here, There, and Everywhere

Where are your endpoints? On your network – absolutely. Working remote – definitely. Offline altogether – probably. In the cloud – no doubt. But, it shouldn’t matter.

With Ziften, it doesn’t matter.

The other guys? Off network? You’re blind. Offline? Blind again. In the cloud – definitely blind.


Integrated to Add More Value

You have lots IT and security systems. So easy integration is paramount.

Ziften’s real-time and historical visibility database easily integrates with your SIEM, ticketing and orchestration tools, and other data analytics systems.

The other guys? Point-in-time snapshots hamstring larger analytics efforts.


Secure, SaaS Architecture

You’re going to collect and transmit valuable endpoint information. Managing and securing that data is important.

Ziften’s data collection is secure, scalable, continuous, and either SaaS cloud-based or on-premise.

The other guys? Unencrypted peer-to-peer communications. Holes poked in your firewalls and security controls. Not exactly security savvy.


Lower Total Cost of Ownership

License Fees. Deployment. Maintenance. Server costs. Updates. It all adds up.

With Ziften, you pay a single license fee. Deployment and maintenance costs are transparent and low. No tricks. No hidden fees.

The other guys? Expensive upfront license fees. Difficult for IT to deploy and maintain. Add-ons separately chargeable. No day at the beach.


Visibility and Control for Your Environment

    • Delivery

    • SaaS cloud, on-premise, or MSSP
    • Client devices, servers, and cloud VMs
    • Windows, Mac, and Linux
    • Deployment

    • Quickest production deployments
    • Quickest proof of concept deployments
    • Quickest time to value
    • Operations

    • Supports IT, and Security Operations teams
    • Use your SoC team or Ziften Services
    • Use Ziften data any way you want
    • Integrated

    • Integrated with your existing tools for more value
    • Ziften global threat intelligence plus yours
    • Custom scripting

Trusted By Leading Organizations

  • "The deployment could hardly have been easier. And we have a much better picture of what our network looks like now thanks to Ziften."

    Network Analyst
    Video Game
  • "I’ve been looking for something like this my entire career."

    Director of Global End
    User Technologies

    Global Beverage Company
  • "Ziften performed so well for us, we can’t imagine life without it."

    IT Director
    Canadian Provincial
  • "Ziften provides me the visibility I need to solve problems as they unfold in a matter of minutes, which saves me time and allows me to isolate problems before they spread."

    Incident Response Analyst
    US Power Generation
  • Network Analyst
    Video Game Company
  • Dir. Global End User Technologies
    Global Beverage Company
  • IT Director
    Canadian Provincial Government
  • Incident Response Analyst
    US Power Generation Company