FOSE 2013 Recap

by Al Hartmann

May 22, 2013

access_time 3 min read

Ziften and partner ThreeWire Systems exhibited recently at the FOSE 2013 show in Washington DC May 14-16.  It is a government show, with a real mix of vendors and presentations – not purely an IT show as in the past.  We met quite a few government security professionals and I was able to attend several educational sessions, so I was pleased with the show.

Ziften was new to many of the visitors to our booth.   The security professionals I spoke with caught on really quickly when I asked them, “How’s it going with security (antivirus and anti-malware) on your enterprise clients?”  The answer was typically a pained groan.  That’s when I got to explain how Ziften technology augments and enhances the capabilities of both your endpoint security suites and existing system management tools.

Have to say, outside of our booth I didn’t see a whole lot of innovation L.  However, I found several of the educational sessions valuable.

Mischel Kwon, CEO of KWA, spoke on “Current Threats and Attacks – Case Studies.”  Her deep experience added quite a bit of value to the presentation.  She mentioned Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) as being only a part of the solution, and suggested that we as security practitioners learn to hunt – an interesting concept.  She also mentioned the trust issues between security and IT and the need for them to work together better.  She cited some organizations moving their SOC to be physically by IT to foster better relationships.

All-in-all, a pretty good show.  Possibly as a result of sequestration and other government cutbacks, there was an absolute dearth of free food to be found at this show!