Ziften Zenith

All-the-Time Visibility and Control For Client Devices, Servers, and Cloud VMs


Eliminating Unacceptable Risks
and Unnecessary Costs

User mobility and the cloud have forever changed systems management and security. Client devices operate off-net and offline. Server workloads are virtual and operate in the cloud. But siloed endpoint tools provide only partial, point-in-time data that leaves gaps for IT and security teams to piece together while trying to address today’s operational and security challenges – exposing organizations to unacceptable risks and unnecessary costs.


Ziften Zenith

All-the-Time Visibility

Zenith easily deploys to client devices, servers, and VMs. Once installed, it continuously gathers all the information necessary to accurately assess the current and historical state of all managed devices including system, user behavior, network connectivity, application, binary, and process data. The simple agent requires no driver, no kernel install, no reboot, and no user interaction.

End-to-End Control

Zenith provides IT and security teams with continuous control of all managed assets including continuous monitoring, alerting, and automated or manual actions. It’s like being at the keyboard for every managed asset including those assets that are off-network. Control use cases include unmanaged IT asset discovery, IT systems and risk management, threat detection and incident response, and deep lookback forensic investigations.

Extend the Value of
Existing Tools

The open Zenith platform provides seamless data sharing helping extend the value of incumbent operations and security tools, and fill the gaps between siloed systems. Data sharing includes access to all raw data collected by Zenith, not just metadata. Integrations include ticketing and orchestration systems, SIEM tools, systems management platforms, malware analysis / sandboxing solutions, data analytics platforms, etc.

Scalable, High-Performance Backend Architecture

Zenith is purpose built on a scalable architecture for enterprise, government, and managed security service provider (MSSP) customers. It is designed to exceed the scalability and performance needs of any enterprise, to support multi-tenant service provider solutions, and even manage and protect servers and virtual machines in data center and public cloud deployments.

Key Features

  • Single endpoint agent for client devices, servers, virtual machines, and containers
  • Simple "no driver, no kernel, not reboot" agent installations
  • Cloud-based or on-premise delivery
  • Continuous, not just point in time, silent IT asset discovery
  • On-going device state monitoring and assessments
  • Continuous detection of known and unknown threats
  • Automated and/or manual kill and quarantine actions
  • Deep data storage to support compliance – 12 months or more

Key Benefits

  • Eliminate unmanaged IT assets
  • Reduce the number of non-compliant assets
  • Protect against known and unknown threats
  • Immediately respond to and contain detected threats
  • Conduct lookback investigations for breaches and implement corrective actions
  • Save money by reducing unnecessary hardware and unused software licenses

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Trusted By Leading Organizations

  • "We’re so much better informed than we were a year ago. Ziften has provided insights into our network that we didn’t even know we needed."

    Security Ops Center Manager
    Business Intelligence Company
  • "Right after we started the pilot, we started finding security posture issues and knew we had to get Ziften on all of our systems."

    Security Director
    Canadian Provincial
  • "Scalability and performance are critical in the deployment of endpoint protection platforms, particularly when it comes to servers and virtual machines being used in data center and cloud deployments. Ziften’s investment in the Zenith architecture is clearly designed to deliver the scale and performance necessary for the industry’s largest real-time endpoint protection needs."

    David Monahan
    Research Director
    Enterprise Management Associates
  • Security Ops Center Manager
    Business Intelligence
  • Security Director
    Canadian Provincial
  • David Monahan
    Research Director
    Enterprise Management Associates

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