Ziften Zenith

All-the-Time Visibility and Control of Clients, Servers, and Cloud.


The Fight Against Advanced
Cyber Security Attacks

Most organizations accept that external attackers are probably already inside their environment. Securing bring your own devices (BYOD) and Internet of things (IoT) devices on the network is challenging. But maintaining visibility and security when applications are moved to cloud environments is more so. Operationally how can organizations deal with these challenges?


Ziften Zenith

Enables More Holistic Client-to-Cloud Adaptive Security

Unlike most detection and response products, Ziften Zenith enables unmanaged IT asset discovery, system monitoring and hardening, threat detection and hunting, incident response and containment, and deep lookback forensics. This adaptive security approach enables the security operations team, IT operations team, helpdesk support, and even risk and compliance organization.

Protects Clients, Data Centers and Public Cloud Deployments

Endpoint means so much more than laptops and desktops. Don’t get stuck with a limited solution. Ziften Zenith easily supports on-network and off-network end user devices, and supports servers and virtual machines in data center and enterprise cloud deployments.

All New, Scalable Back-End Architecture

Ziften Zenith is purpose built on a new architecture for securing enterprise, government, and managed security service provider (MSSP) customers from cyber-attacks. It is designed to exceed the scalability and performance needs of any enterprise, multi-tenant service provider solutions, and even protect servers and virtual machines in data center and public cloud deployments.

Key Features

  • Single endpoint agent for client devices, servers, virtual machines, and containers
  • Simple “no driver, no kernel, not reboot”
agent installations
  • Cloud-based or on-premise delivery
  • Continuous, not just point in time, silent IT asset discovery
  • On-going device state monitoring and assessments
  • Continuous detection of known and unknown threats
  • Automated and/or manual kill and quarantine actions
  • Deep data storage to support compliance – 12 months or more

Key Benefits

  • Eliminate unmanaged IT assets
  • Reduce the number of non-compliant assets
  • Protect against known and unknown threats
  • Immediately respond to and contain detected threats
  • Conduct lookback investigations for breaches and implement corrective actions
  • Save money by reducing unnecessary hardware and unused software licenses

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Trusted By Leading Organizations

  • “Right after we started the pilot, we started finding security posture issues and knew we had to get Ziften on all of our systems.”

    Security Director
    Canadian Provincial
  • “We’re so much better informed than we were a year ago. Ziften has provided insights into our network that we didn’t even know we needed.”

    Security Operations Center Manager
    Business Intelligence Company
  • “Scalability and performance are critical in the deployment of endpoint protection platforms, particularly when it comes to servers and virtual machines being used in data center and cloud deployments. Ziften’s investment in the Zenith architecture is clearly designed to deliver the scale and performance necessary for the industry’s largest real-time endpoint protection needs.”

    David Monahan
    Security Research Director,
  • Security Director
    Canadian Provincial
  • Security Operations Center Manager
    Business Intelligence Company
  • David Monahan
    Security Research Director,

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