By Al Hartmann

Ziften Announces the General Availability Release of Ziften Software; Raises $5.5 Million in Series B Funding

Today, Ziften Technologies launches the much anticipated release of its first product and announces Series B financing of $5.5 M. Ziften’s initial funding fueled development of a new class of software that reverses the degradation of enterprise desktops, making them easier to manage. Behavioral Lightweight Intelligence for Stressed Systems (BLISS) enables organizations to understand, prioritize, and control applications running across physical and virtual Windows desktops. Ziften has pioneered Desktop Quality of Service (QoS), leading to improved uptime, business alignment, performance, security, and reduction of errors and annoyances.

The additional funding enables Ziften to expand core technologies while bringing BLISS to a wider audience of enterprise customers. “We are ready to deliver BLISS to IT organizations everywhere,” said Ziften’s chief executive, Mark Obrecht. “We have an unrelenting focus on innovating solutions for costly enterprise problems and delivering exceptional results for our customers.”

To tackle this untouched market opportunity, Ziften assembled impressive expertise in behavioral classification and machine learning from technology’s most regarded brands, including AMD, Caltech, Dell, Intel, Microsoft, Tivoli, and Symantec (and its acquisition of WholeSecurity).

Founded in 2010, Ziften has raised $11.3 Million to date. The $5.5 Million Series B round is led by Fayez Sarofim & Co., who also led Ziften’s Series A funding. Additional investors include proven tech executives such as Andrew Busey, former CEO of Challenge Games (acquired by Zynga).

“I invested in Ziften because it has a very large addressable market that comes from tackling this problem, which has created a significant productivity cost at organizations running many PCs,” said Busey, Ziften investor, venture capitalist, and former exec of several technology companies. “Creating great benefits by reducing moving parts is a classic concept now applied to dramatically improve the performance of enterprise desktops.”

Desktop QoS for the Enterprise

Ziften is the first to provide Desktop QoS. QoS has existed in the data center, on the network, and for web applications for years – but never on the desktop. BLISS monitors resource consumption of processes on desktops and automatically prioritizes them based on relative business value, with near-zero administration. Founded in lightweight behavioral algorithms, BLISS makes dynamic decisions regarding the operating state of desktops enterprise wide.

“The enormous cost and complexity of managing desktops are widely recognized problems in large organizations,” added Obrecht. “It‘s counterintuitive for businesses to allow a one-size-fits-all operating system to allocate system resources. Wasted and misallocated resources and other inefficiencies need to be enumerated and controlled in real time.”

This announcement extends Ziften’s reach beyond the Fortune 500 companies and other early customer adopters where BLISS has already solved painful IT issues, including:

Fortune 500 Aerospace company needed to accelerate access to MS Outlook while retaining important CRM plugin functionality. BLISS improves application performance and increases employee productivity.

Employees at a Fortune 500 Chemicals company were frustrated by poor performing desktops. Ziften identified the process wasting CPU and refocused system resources to improve performance.

Fortune 500 Publishing company challenged Ziften to improve uptime on older PCs. BLISS breathed new life into these desktops through cutting waste and intelligently reallocating resources.

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