By Al Hartmann

Ziften Presenting at DEF CON® 21

We are proud to say that Ryan Holeman, a senior software engineer at Ziften, will be presenting at DEF Con® 21 at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas on Sunday August 4 at 4PM 

This year’s DEF CON® is particularly interesting, given the polite request of the organizers that Federal employees not attend.  I think the press has overblown this, and the organizers have pointed out that this is not a ban, but a request by the community, and that hackers that happen to work for the Federal government, but are attending on their own dime for their own interests, are still welcome.

Ryan, an avid security professional active in the IT security community, is presenting on mobile security.  Here’s his abstract:

“As of 2013, it is estimated that there are now billions of bluetooth devices deployed worldwide. The goal of the Bluetooth Database Project is to track and freely distribute real time sightings and statistics of these wide spread devices. The data collected from these devices can be used to answer questions pertaining to various topics, such as device geolocation, device proliferation, population analysis, device misconfigurations, and an assortment of other security related analytics.

During this presentation I will go over the current community driven, distributed, real time, client/server architecture of the project. I will show off some of analytics that can be leveraged from the projects data sets. Finally, I will be releasing various open source open source bluetooth scanning clients (Linux, iOS, OSX). These clients are easily installable across various operating systems and can be used to systematically contribute data to the project.”

Ryan has been doing a number of security projects at Ziften, his latest being the integration of Ziften with HP ArcSight



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