Ziften for Splunk provides native integration into Splunk and Splunk Enterprise Security, combining endpoint data with threat feeds and network intelligence for an end-to-end view of Indicators of Compromise.

Lightweight agent is quickly deployed for complete access to raw endpoint data — providing real-time visibility and historical forensics within Splunk

Out-of-the-box dashboards reports, and alerts for easy ramp-up means security teams can find and remediate advanced attacks faster

Valuable intelligence for security and operational teams to enhance long-term value of Splunk — with support for Splunk Common Information Models

Investigate the scope of a breach by quickly correlating network and endpoint activity, regardless of whether the threat is a recent infection or if it occurred in the past

Ziften makes Splunk even better.

After filling out the form, the Ziften for Splunk Agent will be available for use for 30-days free of charge in your enterprise.

Please Review and Accept the Ziften End-User License Agreement to proceed further:
Ziften End-User License Agreement

Accelerate the detection of threats and advanced attacks in real time using Ziften for Splunk.