Why Ziften? We Protect Everything. End-to-End. Nobody does it better.

by Charles Leaver

May 8, 2017

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Ziften gives you the easy ability to protect and manage the end points, the data center, the cloud and the network. We gather data, and let you correlate and use that data to make decisions – and keep control over your enterprise.

The information that we receive from everyone on the network can make a real-world difference. Consider the proposition that the 2016 U.S. elections were influenced by hackers in another country. If that’s the case, hackers can do just about anything — and the idea that we’ll settle for that as the status quo is simply ludicrous.

At Ziften, we believe the way to combat those threats is with greater visibility than you’ve ever had. That visibility goes across the entire enterprise, and connects all the major players together. On the back end, that’s real and virtual servers in the cloud and in the data center. That’s applications. That’s containers. That’s infrastructure. On the other side, it’s notebooks and desktop computers, no matter how and where they are connected.

End-to-end — that’s the thinking behind everything at Ziften. From endpoint to cloud, all the way from a browser to a DNS server. We tie all that together, with all the other components to give your business a complete solution.

We also capture and store real-time data for up to 12 months to let you know what’s happening on the network right now, and provide historical trend analysis and warnings if something changes. That lets you detect IT faults and security issues immediately, and also be able to ferret out the root causes by looking back in time to see where a breach or fault may have first occurred. Active forensics are an absolute must in this business: After all, where a fault or breach tripped an alarm may not be where the problem started – or where a hacker is operating.

Ziften provides your IT and security teams with the visibility to understand your current security posture, and identify where improvements are needed. Non-compliant endpoints? Found. Rogue devices? Found. Off-network penetration? Found. Out-of-date firmware? Unpatched applications? All found. We’ll not only help you find the problem, we’ll help you fix it, and make sure it stays fixed.

End-to-end IT and security management. Real-time and historical active forensics. Onsite, offline, in the cloud. Incident detection, containment and response. We’ve got it all covered. That’s what makes Ziften better.