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Ziften ZFlow™ Compatibility with Linux to Enable Cloud Visibility Initiative

Ziften Announces Ziften ZFlow™ Compatibility with Linux to Enable Cloud Visibility Initiative

Provides Unprecedented Public Cloud Infrastructure and East-West Visibility

AUSTIN, Texas – December 8, 2015 – Ziften today announced a new version of its flagship Ziften ZFlow for the Linux operating system. Ziften ZFlow delivers greater network visibility by providing full visibility, contextual intelligence, user behavioral analysis, and integration into previously deployed security tools. The integration with Linux offers visibility into the public cloud infrastructure that was previously non-existent and enables Ziften’s new Cloud Visibility Initiative. This effort helps secure cloud operations with the visibility that security professionals need to quickly identify and respond to potential threats and attacks. ZFlow is lightweight, meets IPFIX standards, and enables better east-west visibility to identify lateral movement of an attack within the data center.

“As enterprises have migrated to the cloud for economic and operational purposes, traditional network visibility has been lost due to a lack of access at the infrastructure layer. With so much at stake, organizations simply cannot operate in the dark,” said Mike Hamilton, SVP of Product, Ziften. “Ziften ZFlow regains lost network and security visibility from cloud migration by focusing on the endpoint, eliminating security blindspots and providing the additional endpoint context of processes, application and user attribution, resulting in unprecedented visibility across the cloud.”

With many enterprises now operating a hybrid of cloud and traditional operations, the challenge of monitoring and securing networks has become more dynamic and complex. With no ownership of the infrastructure layer in this environment, network and security engineers can no longer rely on netflow data sourced from switches and routers. Ziften solves this problem by having its ZFlow telemetry originate from the endpoint (desktop, laptop, or server), so it’s not reliant on the network infrastructure to generate.

“Enterprise security teams have limited visibility into cloud-based infrastructure making security operations difficult at best,” said David Monahan, security research director, EMA. “Ziften ZFlow offers an increased level of visibility and intelligence that is essential for enterprises looking to maintain a secure cloud environment for their users, applications, customers and data.”

Ziften ZFlow provides continuous endpoint visibility reducing threat detection and mitigation time by as much as 70 percent – one customer was able to reduce their average investigation time from 14 hours to 4 hours – with the ability to stop the attack from spreading, potentially eliminating millions in costs, and saving a company’s reputation with their customers, employees, partners, and investors.


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Ziften provides continuous endpoint visibility to the enterprise. Combining real-time user, device and threat behavior monitoring, analytics, and reporting, Ziften takes the complexity, time, and cost out of endpoint detection and response with an easy-to-use solution that deploys in minutes, not days. Security teams throughout the world use Ziften’s solution to augment their existing infrastructure and amplify their resources to more easily and automatically pinpoint and respond to threats, vulnerabilities, and abnormalities. Keep your business on point and protect to the end with Ziften at


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